MeshCommander - Internationalization, KVM Recording, Bug Fixes

Today, MeshCommander v0.8.6 was published with more features and bug fixes. By far the most important improvement to MeshCommander is its new internationalization support with, in addition to English, 9 new languages supported including Japanese and Simplified Chinese. This will help broaden the number of people that can make use of Intel® AMT in their native language. In addition to this, KVM session recoding is now built-into MeshCommander, a feature that was only available on MeshCentral in the past. In Detail:
  • Multi-language support. The Windows MSI installed version of MeshCommander now offers an additional menu to switch between 10 languages. Supported languages: Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian in addition to English. These are machine translations and since MeshCentral is open source, the community is very much encouraged to help improve the translations. The translation file is on GitHub here. The same format and tools used for MeshCentral translations can also be used for MeshCommander. This is the result of a lot of work and internalization for additional versions of MeshCommander will be coming out in the future.
  • KVM recording support. MeshCommander is now capable of recording a KVM session and playing it back. A new recording button is now present on the bottom right of the remote desktop tab to start and stop the recording. When stopping or disconnecting, the user will be prompted to save the recording file to disk. It’s not fully obvious at first, the being able to start an Intel AMT KVM recording at any point in time is technically tricky, however, it’s sometime MeshCommander can so and it works.
  • KVM session playback. The Session Player tab on MeshCommander is now, of course, capable of playing back recorded sessions. You can start, restart and select the playback speed to quickly see what happened. Note that MeshCentral v0.5.70 and MeshCommander v0.8.5 have compatible recording capabilities and session players. So, you can record a KVM session in one and play it back on the other making the Mesh ecosystem work as one would expect.
Of course, more bug fixes were also done on this version, notably for IDER. As usual, feedback appreciated. If you see any problems and need support on something, please create a new issue on GitHub or help other users.


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