MeshCentral - Web RDP Client, Multi-Language Router, Custom Consent, 7k downloads

This week we got a new feature that was called a “mini killer application” by a GitHub community member. Following the announcement that the noVNC web-based client was added to MeshCentral last week, we added a built-in web-based RDP client too. You can now RDP into a Windows computer from any modern web browser over the Internet. For Windows operating systems that support multiple RDP sessions, that is also supported allowing many users to log into a single server at the same time. In addition, this week we have MeshCentral Router now internationalized into many languages, additional customizations and a fun fact about MeshCentral downloads. In detail:
  • Built-in RDP client. The main new feature this week is the addition of a web-based RDP client to MeshCentral. This is thanks to the MSTSC.js and node-rdp.js open source projects which are the bases for this feature. Once activated in the MeshCentral configuration file, users can click on a device and click the “Web RDP” link to go to the RDP login page for the selected device. The RDP implementation is basic, there is no acceleration or clipboard support, but it does seem to work well. If you have a multi-seat server that allows many RDP sessions at once, this feature will allow many users to login to a Windows server at the same time and each will have their own desktop. Having a web-based RDP client in MeshCentral is a great compliment to the built-in remote desktop system and the noVNC client that was added last week. Makes MeshCentral an incredibly flexible remote management web site.
  • Multi-language MeshCentral Router. MeshCentral Router is a Windows tool that allows over-the-Internet TCP and UDP port mappings so that 3rd party application can be tunneled thru a MeshCentral server and agent. This is a useful tool to run a variety of application over the Internet. This week MeshCentral Router got internationalization support for machine translation for an additional 10 languages (Dutch, Spanish, French, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, German, Chinese, Portuguese). As with MeshCentral, the community is welcome to improve language translations on GitHub.
  • User Consent Customization. MeshCentral offers user consent options to inform users when a remote management session is currently active. In the past MeshCentral offered a way to customize the privacy tool bar that is displayed at the top of the screen when a remote desktop session is active. This week, customization of the request prompt and user notification toast messages where added including support for Asian characters in the customization. This will help administrators make MeshCentral truly their own.
  • Fun fact, 7000 downloads. This is just a random chance occurrence that happened over the weekend, at some point on NPM the MeshCentral download count for the last 7 days was exactly 7000. Of course, this is an average of exactly 1000 downloads per day. As this counter changes quickly, getting this exact number was a very lucky and I took a screen shot of it (see below). This said, it’s far from the record download count for seven consecutive days which stands at well above 30k.
Many thanks for the GitHub community for their continued help. As usual, feedback appreciated. If you see any problems and need support on something, please create a new issue on GitHub or help other users.


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