MeshCentral - Stable version, Email validation, UI improvements

More work went on this week to improve MeshCentral’s usability mostly as a result of requests by the GitHub community. One noticeable change this week was the MeshCentral version numbers changed from 1.2.3-a format to just 1.2.3 making the version numbers much simpler and compatible with Semantic Versioning ( MeshCentral’s upgrade system now supports both “latest” and “stable” versions. This on top of many more user interface improvements, improved night mode and a new email verification login screen. Let’s look at all this in detail:
  • Semantic versioning and new “stable” releases. The MeshCentral self-updating system was itself upgraded this week with the change in versioning and the addition of the “stable” tag in NPM. In the past, administrators could only update to the latest version of MeshCentral, but now, you can wait and only upgrade to the latest stable version. This new system allows the community to test a new version before it’s marked as stable.
  • User interface improvements. A lot of smaller user interface changes make MeshCentral a lot more fun to use. For example, the new account dialog box has been improved and shows what fields are not entered correctly in real time. You can now right-click on the remote desktop “connect” button to ask for user consent even if you have the authority to perform this operation without consent, also with remote desktop, when connecting to a Windows Server with many terminal sessions, the list of sessions can be quite long and the user interface now shows the correct list with scroll bar if needed.
  • Email validation on login screen. In the past, confirming your email was a “soft” request, where you could still use the features of MeshCentral but could not perform password recovery and other email related tasks. MeshCentral does support account creation for only users with emails in some pre-defined domains, but enforcement of this was lax. With this new MeshCentral, the login screen now has an email validation screen that will block a user from accessing the main portal until the email is validated.
  • Improved Night Mode. A lot of people enjoy using a darker version of the web site and so, in the last week the dark mode version of MeshCentral was significantly improved. All devices are now darkened along with many other screens making for a much more pleasant experience.
  • New Virtual Machine Icon. Requested by the GitHub community who often manage many virtual machines, MeshCentral now has a virtual machine icon. This chance was also reflected in the mobile application and MeshCentral Router.
  • Access Control Improvements. In the past few weeks, we added a more granular access system where you can grant rights for user groups and users on device groups or individual devices. With the help of many users online, the user interfaces and specific rules for what each user can do is now much improved.
Once again, many thanks to the GitHub community for their amazing help. If you see any problems and need support on something, please create a new issue on GitHub or help other users.


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