MeshCentral - Linux Remote Cursor, Multi-Language Emails & more

Plenty more work has been done over the last two weeks continually improving MeshCentral. This week, the new features where a bit all over the place as Bryan Roe released a new MeshAgent for all platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS and FreeBSD) and the server saw some more bug fixing and various new features requested by the community. Here are some of the notable improvements this week:
  • Remote mouse cursor now visible on most Linux distributions. In the past few weeks, Bryan had built support for seeing the remote mouse cursor when it’s moved by the remote user on Windows only. Now, this support was extended to most Linux distributions. This feature is important when the remote user wants to show or point out something using the mouse. This feature was difficult to implement on Linux as there are many variations within different Linux distributions.
  • Multi-language emails. MeshCentral can now send email messages in many different languages using a completely new email template system that integrates with the current translation system built into MeshCentral. When a password reset, agent installation or other email must be sent, MeshCentral automatically figures out what language is currently being used on the web page and sends the email in the same language.
  • MeshCentral Router with individual device permission support. MeshCentral Router is a popular tool to route TCP and UDP connections thru a MeshCentral server. This tool now supports the enhanced access control system that was added to MeshCentral two weeks ago making it possible to assign individual devices to a user and have the user route RDP sessions to that device correctly.
  • MeshCentral syslog support. This feature was requested by the GitHub community and when enabled, sends all server events to the Linux syslog. This allows other software to easily filter the events, and analyses and use the events for integration into other components.
  • MeshCMD 2FA support. MeshCMD is a multi-OS command line tool and this week, the tool was improved to allow two-factor authentication into MeshCentral servers. You can even request that a login token be sent using email using a command line option. This enables MeshCMD to, for the first time, to login to accounts that are 2FA protected.
Once again, many thanks to the GitHub community for their amazing help. Thank you to Bryan Roe for the new MeshAgent’s for all platforms. If you see any problems and need support on something, please create a new issue on GitHub or help other users.


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