MeshCentral - Improved Access Control, Batch Operations, User Consent, macOS

This week again, MeshCentral has continued to rapidly evolve in many ways. Bryan Roe has published many new releases of the MeshAgent with improved security, network stability and macOS support. In addition, the MeshCentral server got a few big upgrades with the addition of batch operations on users and user groups, advanced user consent settings and improved and more flexible access control system. Let’s look at all this in detail:
  • Assigning individual devices to user groups. Before this week, one could create a user group and assign device group rights to the user group. You could also, as per a previous blog, assign users to an individual device. Now, the access control system was improved again and MeshCentral allows you to assign individual device permissions to a user group. This makes assigning permissions very flexible as you can now have many user groups and assign permissions as needed, for a device or a device group. Because permissions are cumulative, there is plenty of flexibility in the access control system that should make most administrators quite happy.
  • User and user groups batch operations. Just like performing batch operations on devices, administrators can now select many users or user groups and perform batch operations on many selected items at once. For example, you can select many accounts and lock them all at once. This makes management of users and user groups a lot faster and easier.
  • Advanced user consent settings. User consent settings are important to allow the remote user to know that someone is remotely managing a computer, it includes prompting the remote user for access, a remote privacy bar at the top of the screen and connection notification. In this latest version of MeshCentral, administrators can now configure these settings per user, per device or per device group. This allows for maximum flexibility of user consent policies.
  • Improved macOS support. Bryan released a new MeshAgent with many fixes and improvements. One of the notable improvements is that the macOS agent can now capture the remote login screen. Because of security measures in the OS, moving the mouse and entering keys at the login screen is not possible. Still, this is a nice improvement for the agent. Other improvements include support for very large displays on macOS and “Jumbo” commands to speed up remote desktop operations.
  • Improved security with latest OpenSSL 1.1.1f. The MeshAgent makes heavy use of cryptography to authenticate and secure connections it makes with MeshCentral (TLS/WebSocket) and other browsers (DTLS/WebRTC). The latest batch of MeshAgents released on all platforms now runs on the very latest supported OpenSSL 1.1.1f. As it was the case before, the MeshAgent connects to MeshCentral using the latest TLS 1.3.
Once again, many thanks to the GitHub community for their amazing help. Thank you to Bryan Roe for the new MeshAgent’s for all platforms. If you see any problems and need support on something, please create a new issue on GitHub or help other users.


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