MeshCentral - Router, Internalization, Account Reset, HAProxy

This week there is plenty more to talk about with many more releases, bug fixes and new features. Probably the two biggest topics of the week are the improved MeshCentral Router and improves internalization with more languages and translation tools.
  • Improved MeshCentral Router. MeshCentral Router is a TCP/UDP port mapping tool that allows applications like RDP and SSH to be directed thru the MeshCentral server. This tool allows , for example, quick access to your remote Windows devices using RDP. This week MeshCentral Router got a lot of improvements including a new devices panel that shows all devices in real-time including connection status and allows you to start an RDP session with a single click. Also added was email two-factor authentication support and better support for non-standard ports.
  • Added languages. This week, MeshCentral got added machine translations for Korean, Hindi and Simplified Chinese. While the quality of the translation is low, it’s a starting point for community corrections. On top of this, there are many improvements to existing languages.
  • Improved Resource Translation Tool. The Windows based translation tool used by MeshCentral has been improved this week. You can now search for strings with the new search filer making it easy to quickly find the string you want to correct. Other improvements include a new way to cut & paste translations from other software.
  • New Account Reset Commands. In rare cases, it happens that the main administrative account of a MeshCentral server could be lost or locked out. If this happens, no problem, MeshCentral now has new command line arguments for resetting an account (--resetaccount) or to promote an existing account to site administrator (--adminaccount). You must login to the hosting server to run these commands. In the past, you would have needed to edit the database manually to recover, but it’s much easier now.
  • Support for HAProxy. In addition to NGINX, Apache and Traefik reverse proxy support. MeshCentral now had documentation for HAProxy. Reverse proxies allow MeshCentral to share a single IP address with other services on the same server, this lowers the cost of hosting MeshCentral significantly.
Once again, many thanks to the GitHub community for their amazing help. If you see any problems and need support on something, please create a new issue on GitHub or help other users.



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