MeshCentral - Docker Agent, XTerm, TLS 1.3, URL Tracking, Spanish

It’s been a while since the last blog post and MeshCentral continues to evolve with multiple new releases on most business days. In this post, we got a bunch more new features including some more crazy ones. Probably the most important is the ability for the MeshAgent to be installed within a Docker container. Using this new feature, you can now manage your Docker container just like any other device remotely using MeshCentral. The Linux install script will automatically detect it’s being installed within Docker and adjust accordingly. Many more new features in detail:
  • MeshAgent within a Docker container. This is probably one of the more crazy features that has been published in a while. Normally on Linux, the MeshAgent will install itself so it can auto-start using Systemd or Initd, but these services don’t exist within a Docker container and so, the latest version of the Linux install script will auto-detect this situation and install the agent correctly within Docker. As a result, MeshCentral can now be used to remotely manage many services running on cloud servers.
  • XTerm.js support. MeshCentral now has built-in support for XTerm.js, a browser based hardware accelerated terminal. It’s much faster than the older one and Bryan has been working on adding support for scaling the terminal on both Windows and Linux. With this new terminal, getting a fast and high quality shell on a remote computer is now just a click away. This feature is still being worked on and will probably continue to improve as new versions are published.
  • TLS 1.3 support. As network infrastructure upgrades to reverse-proxies that support TLS 1.3, it was important that MeshCentral and the MeshAgent follow this and also support TLS 1.3. With improved security and faster negotiation speed, TLS 1.3 will make the MeshCentral server speed up and scale a little bit more. More importantly, the latest versions of reverse proxies will now work correctly with MeshCentral.
  • URL tracking. Since MeshCentral uses a single page web application, the URL given at the top did not in the past match the exact page you are looking at. This is now changed. As you click to thru different tabs on the site, the URL above will update. You can then at any time bookmark or copy/paste the URL to come back to the same location. This even works if you need to login, the login screen will keep the URL information and return you to the correct place when logged in.
  • Language Support. Community user @solrac901 posted a Spanish translation of MeshCentral that is now included by default. We now have English, Czech, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian with partial French and auto-translated Japanese. That is an impressive list of language support.
As usual many thanks to the community for all the testing and feature requests. Especially to Bryan Roe for the latest version of the MeshAgent Docker support and user @solrac901 for the Spanish translation. If you see any problems, please create a new issue on GitHub.


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