MeshCentral - Desktop Recording Indexing, French Translation, Auth.log and more

This week, many more improvements and features where added to MeshCentral, most notably a big improvement on an important feature: the remote desktop recording system. In order to conform to auditing policies, some administrators must be able to record remote desktop sessions that are carried out by technicians. Because of the protocol, it was not possible to skip to any location in the file until today. This and many other improvements this week in detail:
  • Recorded Remote Desktop Indexing. Many months ago, MeshCentral was released with support for session recording. It works by recording the network traffic and adding timestamps and direction flags when writing the stream to a file. Because remote desktop only sends portions on the screen that change, it was not possible to skip forward into a remote desktop session using the MeshCentral Player. This week, we fixed this with a new indexing feature. MeshCentral can now create an index each 10 seconds of the location in the file and all of the images that are fully or partially displayed at that time. This allows the player to skip to a specific time in the file and quickly replay in order only the past images that are relevant at a set time. This allows the administrator to seek thru the recorded file, forward and back.
  • French Translation. Huge “merci” to community user Floche87 who just submitted the French translation of MeshCentral! Being a French speaker from Qu├ębec myself, I am especially thankful about this translation. This brings the total number of languages support by MeshCentral to nine, a super impressive number. Many thank to the community and to Floche87 for this work.
  • Auth.log support. MeshCentral can now optionally be configured to create a “auth.log” file just like the well know one used on Linux. This file stores any authentication attempts, successful or not, including what time and from that IP address and port. This file can be used in analytics tools and for auditing and server security. The current support is basic and community feedback and improvements on this feature is appreciated.
  • Support for alternative RDP ports. MeshCentral is capable of acting as a conduit for RDP sessions if both the local and remote sides are running Windows OS. With this new release, you can now right click on the “RDP” link on the device page and set an alternative RDP port which will be stored on the server for this device. This makes it even easier for administrators to get high quality RDP remote desktop sessions established in just a few clicks, even on non-standard ports.
Once again, many thanks to the GitHub community for their amazing help. If you see any problems and need support on something, please create a new issue on GitHub or help other users.


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