MeshCentral2 - Mouse Sync, Details Tab, Playback Viewer

It’s been a while since the last blog post, but work continues in many areas and the GitHub community continues to help with feature requests and bug reports. One notable event that happened in the last week is the creation of the all new MeshCentral Reddit forum that will make it easier for MeshCentral users worldwide to exchange ideas and continue to help build the solution forward. Anyone is welcome to post. This week, we got three big items: 
  • Remote desktop mouse synchronization. Thanks to Bryan Roe for this complicated feature, the MeshAgent’s built-in remote desktop server now looks at the currently displayed mouse cursor. When the mouse cursor changes, it sends a message to the viewer that also changes the browser cursor on the HTML canvas. The result is that users have a much better and more responsive experience when performing remote desktop. Previously, the same mouse pointer was always shown in the viewer and users has to guess when, for example, the cursor was in the right position to resize a window. The feature works on Windows, Linux and FreeBSD.
  • New device details tab. As MeshCentral collects increasingly more information about devices including SMBIOS and other information, we needed a new tab to display it all. This is the first version of this tab with basic hardware and operating system information currently displayed, but as we move forward, much more data to be shown.
  • MeshCommander session playback viewer. As of a few months ago, MeshCentral is capable of recording remote desktop and terminal session including Intel AMT HWKVM sessions even when over a CIRA connection. The recorded sessions end up in “.mcrec” files. Now, MeshCommander has the session player built-in with a new tab. This allows administrators to review and audit support sessions performed using MeshCentral. The viewer includes playback controls, play speed selection and metadata display.

This is only some of the many improvements that have been made to MeshCentral and MeshCommander. Other changes include MeshCommander support for displaying modern standby sleep state, MeshCentral enhanced security with token/IP address binding and tight Content-Security-Policy HTTP headers and much more. As of this posting, MeshCentral v0.4.1-I is current. Many thanks to Bryan Roe for all the work to make the mouse cursor sync on so many platforms, this was very difficult work.



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