MeshCommander - Mutual-Auth TLS, Alarm Clock, IDE-R drag & drop, Clock Sync

MeshCommander is an open source, web based Intel AMT management console that can be used as a stand-alone tool, loaded inside the Intel AMT firmware or as part of MeshCentral, the remote management web site. Over the last few weeks we made many improvements to MeshCommander and v0.7.8 just got published online. In this version, the stand-alone MeshCommander for Windows no longer uses IMRSDK.dll to perform IDER operations, instead all versions of MeshCommander now use the JavaScript IDER module. In addition to this, many more improvements and fixes have been made. In detail:
  • Improved IDER. Because of the new JavaScript IDER module, the stand-alone Windows version of MeshCommander now shows a “heat map” of disk reads in real time. This was available on other versions of MeshCommander (Firmware/NPM/MeshCMD), but it’s now on all versions.
  • Drag & Drop IDER. Starting an IDER session to a remote computer is now as simple as dragging & dropping a .img or .iso or both file types on MeshCommander. The session will immediately start with no prompting. It’s never been easier to remotely start a remote desk session. Once you do this, you never use the dialog box & buttons anymore.
  • Mutual-Authentication TLS. There have been fixes done to correctly support Intel AMT in mutual-authentication TLS mode. MeshCommander allows the administrator to select a client certificate in the certificate management tab and then connect to Intel AMT with both sides presenting certificates. In addition, setting up mutual-authentication TLS now works correctly on all supported versions of Intel AMT.
  • Intel AMT clock sync. You can now synchronize the Intel AMT clock with your local computer’s clock. Just click the “Date & time” link in the “System Status” tab and you get prompted to sync the clocks. Super easy.
  • Alarm clocks now work. Due to problems in the date & time decoding, previous versions of MeshCommander did not support the Intel AMT alarm clock feature correctly, this is now fixed.
This is in addition to many other fixes that have been made.

As usual, feedback appreciated.

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